We have designed a flexible weight loss program that allows you to eat normal foods, in moderation. There are no prepared foods you are required to purchase. Our nutrition plan emphasizes appropriate amounts of proteins and healthy fats and decreased processed carbohydrates and sugar.

Learning to eat a balanced diet, with an emphasis on eating foods in their natural state, is key to a healthy lifestyle and successful weight loss program.

The program is medically-managed and you are followed by our in house doctors.


We have 4  program levels:

  1.  Prescribed Stimulant appetite suppressants
  2. All–natural non-stimulant appetite suppressants
  3. HCG weight loss
  4. No medication– management through lifestyle changes. These options will be specifically and individually adjusted to you.   You are always treated as an individual and we will help you determine which program is right for you.

Your follow-up office visits are included in the cost of the program. We suggest you weigh in once weekly so we may give you the support you need and to check your progress.

B12 injections and Fat Burner injections can be received each week of the program.  Your cost $25.00 dollars.  Individual injections cost $10.00

To make things easier  for you, you can come in for your weekly weigh-ins any time during our business hours, without an appointment.

Referral Program: When you refer 3 people to our clinic and each signs up for the program, you will be credited $60.  These can be used to cover the cost of injections. Please remind those who you refer to bring their referral cards with them on their first visit to the clinic.

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